Check out a new site about British toys and gifts,


Check out  a new site about British toys and gifts, (click the Britag Logo)


We make no bones about it!   This is a British site for British inventions and creations sold by British businesses.


We don’t claim that British is Best.   You might, your family, friends and neighbours might.   Some foreigners might.   We might think it, but being British we couldn’t possibly boast about it.


Well I’m British and I am not boasting, so I will simply say that I am unashamedly British.


The Britag site is here to showcase the many and varied products that are invented and created by people in this country.


We might not have the industry that we used to but we do still have the ingenuity to create things, some large and others small.


The Britag website is mainly for the small businesses that create small things.   One man or woman businesses that are looking for a foothold in the market.   Small family concerns that sell items that you cannot generally get on the High Street.


From Mothers that are working from home creating unique items that are handmade to retired people that decided they would make their little dream invention a reality, to ex servicemen who have left the military and gone into business from necessity


Ranging from an inexpensive game that is fun for the family and educational for children; to ways to save lives of scuba divers; to new and innovative fun ways to decorate a cast if you were unfortunate enough to break a bone.

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