About Us

Swanneck Pens left hand logic range are the result of over five years’ research and development by Swanneck LTD, a UK company based near London.

Anthony’s left-handed daughter Amy had started primary school in summer 2000 with all the enthusiasm you’d expect of a lively five year-old.


Left-handedness, however, soon began to slow Amy’s progress as she was unable to ‘find’ her own writing style using a standard pen. She quickly became anxious, upset and overwhelmed by her ‘disadvantage’.


Amy’s father Anthony explored existing left-handed pens and soon discovered that there were none on the market that solved the issue.


Rising to the challenge, Anthony and friend Mike experimented by making a range of concept pens offering varying degrees of grip ‘bend’. Dillon’s engineering expertise then turned the best one into samples.

78% of left-handed students surveyed complained of backache or hand fatigue when writing.

The team knew they’d hit upon a winner when Amy took to the Swanneck design like a duck to water. Not only did she make immediate progress with her handwriting, her confidence quickly returned too.

Equally delighted were Amy’s teachers, who immediately recognised the Swanneck Pen’s unique advantages.

Subsequent trials with literally hundreds of other left-handers of all ages confirm that the Left Handed writing issue really is solved.

The Swanneck Pen Designed For Left-Handers By Left Handers

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